Leather Brigadine

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Even with the gambeson and a mail shirt, a fighter was not as well protected as a warrior with plate armor. However, plate armor could be expensive. The brigandine filled this gap very well.

This suede leather garment has small steel plates riveted between the outer shell and the lining. This kind of construction made it easy enough for a soldier to make and repair his own armor without needing the high skill of an armorer.Weighing only 6 lbs., it is very flexible and does not restrict movement. Commonly worn over a gambeson and mail shirt, it was not long before this form of protection was in wide use with fighters from knight to archer. Our vision has three buckles one each side for great versatility in fit.

Approx. 32″ long.

Choose black or brown leather shell.

S/M (fits chest size to 38″) or L/XL (fits chest size to 48″)

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