Kit Rae Deaths Head Fantasy Dagger & Wall Plaque

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This fantasy sword, created by the well-known fantasy sword artist Kit Rae is another that is sure to capture one's attention.

This piece combines two elements, exotic beauty and intimidation all wrapped into one piece. The fullered blade on this unusual creation features a smooth, polished finish with blood groove and two notches located near the base of the blade. The blade is separated from the pommel by a sculptured hand guard. The handle itself is elegantly wrapped with a comfortable leather wrap. To complete the intimidating look, the deaths head sits on the base of the pommel.

This sword was used by Valegil and had the ability to produce the red mist needed to surround him in order for him to launch an attack unseen.

This piece features a unique serial number that is etched into the blade, and a wall plaque for display purposes.

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