LARP Foam Lead Pipe

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Imagine walking home after an evening out, when from out of no where comes a gruesome, decaying sight, a walker, better known as one of the undead. You’re unprepared for such an event, yet when you look for a weapon, the only thing you see is a discarded metal pipe.

This pipe is your only option for survival. The Dark Moon lead pipe has been carefully painted to look like an actual piece of piping. This pipe has a total length of 20.5-inches long. The L-shaped portion measures 4 inches, just right to offer a secure grip. This piece is made from a durable closed cell foam with a flexible inner fiberglass core. A latex coating surrounds the weapon.

We recommend using a maintenance silicone on a regular basis to keep this LARP item in great condition (sold separately).

This piece is great for productions, as a prop, or your next zombie adventure.

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