The Hound’s Helm

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The notorious Sandor Clegane, former bodyguard of King Joffery of the popular series Game of Thrones, owns this helm. Sandor earned the nickname Hound due to his violent nature and loyalty to his superior. Hound ultimately made the decision to abandon his position and sought refuge in the Riverlands. This helm is a replica of one worn by Hound.

This display only helm is made from fiberglass and features an easily adjustable working hinged jaw. The helm weighs 15 pounds and includes an elegant wood stand with silkscreened Clegane symbols. This piece is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to share his or her appreciation for this popular series.

Wearable Fiberglass Helmet
Operable Jaws
Overall Weight: 15 pounds
Silkscreened Wood Stand with Clegane Sigil

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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