This page was created for all those looking to purchase a Final Fantasy Sword or Weapon.

First and foremost, they are illegal. Square Enix has stated this fact over and over again and they continue to pursure any business that sells these replicas.

Secondly, be careful…even though you won’t get into any trouble for buying these swords, you are wasting your money. All Final Fantasy swords and weapons are manufactured in Pakistan. They are of horrible quality and when I say horrible, I really mean horrible.

Most, if not all of these swords crafted are extremely cheap. They have blemishes in the blades, the leather is barely glued onto the handles and I have even seen folded paper stuffed down into the guard to keep the sword from rattling.

These final fantasy replicas are not sharp, the plaques are often cracked and the leather sheaths are a complete joke. This is typically why you see ALL Final Fantasy swords displayed with background images of the characters like…they are trying to get your eyes looking at the cool graphics and Final Fantasy characters rather than what you are actually buying.

Lastly, the packaging is horrible. Because of this expect your sword to come damaged and when you call the seller they will blame UPS and get you to file a claim.

I am not saying don’t buy a Final Fantasy sword because thats your decision. I am just giving you the facts about these weapons and warning you to be extremely careful of these items.


There is a certain final fantasy sword dealer on the Internet that is claiming to have “authentic officially licensed” Square Enix Final Fantasy swords for sale. Now, I won’t name names (cough, K#$g@&Sw&%ds, cough) but their claims are completely and utterly FALSE. A flat outright lie of the truth. I don’t know about you, but I will never ever do business with anyone that just blatantly lies about something. Lets get real here, Square Enix is a multi-billion dollar company, don’t you think they would take better pictures of their final fantasy swords than this?? Don’t you think more sites on the web would carry them if this was legit??

I can promise you, with the millions of Final Fantasy fans out there, if Square Enix ever decides to officially produce the swords and weapons from any of their blockbuster titles, the world would know. Anyway, just be careful…these replicas floating around are really junk. If you want to just give your hard earned money away, by all means…go for it. I am only here to warn you and give you honest truth.

In the meantime, you might enjoy these alternatives. Check out the site, we have so many cool things here, I am sure you will find something you are looking for.