Venus Roman Goddess Fantasy Sword

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Sword enthusiasts will be delighted to add this beautiful piece to their collection.

This sword is a replica to the sword of Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. This sword show cases beauty in its finest. With a total length of 29 inches, it combines beauty and power into one. The 20 inch long blade is made from a quality 440 polished steel that features a double blade. The tip of this blade is different from most other swords due to the fact that the tip has a pointed tip, perfect for piercing an opponent as well as the cutting effect from the double edge. The handle and guard are constructed from a attractive bronze colored cast metal. The guard features elegant scroll work while the handle features faux leather stripping. The pommel is adorned with a sophisticated emblem of royalty.

This sword comes with a equally attractive matching scabbard with matching black and bronze colors.

The scabbard also includes a shoulder strap for easily wearing across the back.

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