Slayer Fantasy Sword

Carbon Steel Blade
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A Samurai, one of the most feared, yet respected men of defense were often recognized by the appearance of their weapon. One of the most cherished weapons owned by these unshakeable defenders, the swords were of utmost importance. Not only is it a beauty to look at, it is not a weapon to taken lightly.

This sword features a beautiful 26.5? carbon steel blade with blood groove and sword breaker notching. A bronze oval guard separates the blade from the handle. If one could draw their attention from the intimidating blade, the next thing they would notice is the elegantly wrapped handle, appropriately covered in royal colors- purple and black. A delicate silver cross dangles from a silver chain attached to the butt of the sword. The total length of this piece measures 41″.

This sword also comes with an a scabbard that has a black glossy finish, accented by silver and white.

Also available in red and black

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