Kit Rae Vorenthul Sword of Avonthia Autographed

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This piece will be appreciated by sword collectors young and old. This original Kit Rae sword provides the look of elegance and the feel of power to all that hold it.

This sword measures a total length of 42 1/2 inches long with a 29 inch long blade. The blade alone is enough to capture one's attention with the beautiful, smooth polished finish and the graceful flow of the material. the blade features two cut notches for added damage inflicting ability. An etched flame flows from the base of the blade towards the tip. An elegantly designed guard separates the blade from a leather wrapped handle.

The guard has a talon like look. Located at the base of the pommel is a matching talon like fitting.

This piece is limited to 2000 pieces and includes an autographed artwork along with certificate.

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