Hibben 2010 Valiant Gold – Limited Edition

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The Valiant limited edition collectible sword has been designed by Gil Hibben and is similar to the even-more-limited edition 2010 Valiant Damascus. Both swords feature double-edged blades with deep fuller grooves. This version’s blade is made of 420 steel. The fuller, or blood channel, increases the blade’s surface area while decreasing its weight, resulting in a more flexible, and therefore more durable, blade. The Valiant’s detail mountings (guard and pommel) are cast in metal and treated with 24K gold plate. The hand-grip portion of the hilt has been carefully wrapped with twisted wire of stainless steel to provide an excellent grip.

Only 900 of these swords will be made and sold. A display plaque and a certificate of authenticity are included. This sword measures 41½” in length with a 26″ blade.

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