Replica Dungeon now offers Cap Guns by Gonher and Kolser!
Gun collectors will probably be delighted to know that they can now claim ownership of a different type of gun to add to their collection. We have recently added a replica cap gun section to our wide variety of weaponry. These cap guns are built by Gonher, the leading manufacturer of die cast cap guns since 1958. Gonher takes pride in creating a piece that captures the details of an original piece and combines it with quality craftsmanship that will provide a long life for your newest selection.

Our cap guns come in a variety of models. We are certain that even the pickiest of gun fanatics will find something to suit their taste.

Perhaps for the individual who had a passion for playing cops and robbers or cowboys in the wild west, a carefully crafted revolver or rifle would do the trick. Those that seem to take an interest in war movies, perhaps an Israeli Uzi would be a nice addition, or maybe for those that have more of an patriotic taste, the M1938 sub machine gun might catch the eye.


We hope that you are as excited as we are about our new collection. Before you explore the wide variety of quality die cast cap guns, please take a moment to consider several important reminders.

-While our cap guns are non-firing models, please supervise younger individuals who might want to handle the weapon.

-Always remember to keep your arm extended from your body when firing this item.

-Ammunition for the cap guns is not sold with the gun purchase. Please remember to order the correct ring cap as many of the models use different types of caps.

We hope that you take plenty of time to explore the many different models available to choose from, and select a piece that fits your individual personality.

Cap Guns need to be treated like real guns, not toys. Never point at people and keep arm fully extended when firing. Adult supervision required.

Please refer to the replica gun safety warning prior to use. For more information, be sure to read our Replica Gun Safety Warning.