A few years ago there was a movie created that captured the attention of everyone who saw it. This movie was about defending an ancient country from what is still common today, greed. The movie 300 was born, and thousands of people all across the country flocked to watch this brilliant, stunning creation of life, love, battle and apparent victory.

As we all watched as 300 brave and fierce Spartans came against a seemingly unstoppable Greek attack, did we ever once think that there would be a future attack? I didn’t think so, until I learned of the newest saga that is soon to unfold for the public to once again enjoy.

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The second saga, 300: Rise of an Empire, is sure to bring the same satisfaction, if not more to those that enjoyed the first. There is a little difference to this story, however as it takes place primarily as a battle in the middle of the sea. Two navies, one that has the intent of defending their country and honor while over throwing the other, and the other, that only wants to keep what is rightfully theirs.

As with 300, viewers can expect to be treated with some exceptional footage, the return of previous characters and exceptional special effects. For those that enjoy visual eye candy along with high packed action, the next chapter that is soon to unfold will surely delight you.

Along with the exciting news of this new and upcoming release is the highly anticipate Officially Licensed Replicas of the weapons used in the making of this epic battle. For those that found themselves sitting on the edge of their seat during 300, perhaps owning a piece of this new adventure will add to the viewing experience. After all, there’s nothing like watching a great movie, and owing the weapon that your favorite character used to behead someone with.

Our Licensed Replicas are handcrafted and come with a satisfaction guarantee, you will be impressed with the quality of craftsmanship as you examine the fine details such as the pitted surfaces of battle shields, or the antique, rugged, rustic look of a sword. Once you get your hands on a piece of this new movie, your viewing experience could potentially get even better. We are pleased to announce the new addition of the 300: Rise of an Empire line that includes impressive bronze helmets worn by the Spartans and the Greeks, artistically crafted and realistic looking shields, and the best collection of swords and daggers.

Bring a piece of this blood bath at sea epic adventure into your home and experience 300: Rise of an Empire with a different perspective.

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