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I am very impressed with the service at Replica Dungeon. Very fast service. The ring that I had my eyes set on was unfortunately discontinued, but I am so delighted with Replica Dungeon's service that I will continue to shop there. They handled my situation flawlessly and they offer very awesome collectibles! I definitely recommend buying from Replica Dungeon. :) - Anonymous

Ive got to say I was very please with the overall experience with this merchant and was very happy with the delivery time. I bought a sword as a gift for someone that was blown away by the quality of the piece. In fact he loved it. I would definitely go back for any other purchases of that sort to Replica Dungeon. Prices were comparable to others that offered the same items and most times better. And trust me I did comparisons. I would very much so recommend this company to people who are in the market for their merchandise. - Charles Sweet

Thanks for a great shopping experience. The reason I ordered the tankard is I'm getting married on Oct 17th. The reason I was concerned when it was arriving is that I'm going to be drinking out of it at the wedding. I appreciate the upgrade in the shipping from ground to 2nd day air thanks a lot. Our rehearsal dinner is the 10th I will be receiving it just in time many thanks again. Look forward to shopping here again in the future. - Ryan Minnier

I think your website is amazing. The stock covers everything. It is the most organized site I have ever seen considering the amount of product you carry & it is extremely neat. It is very professional & the headings & subcategories within are arranged perfectly. Congrats on an awesome site configuration. - Jodie Scott

They upgraded my order free of charge! When I placed my order I was immediately contacted to let me know that it was on backorder. Then they upgraded me to an even better sword for free. They have excellent customer service. - Joseph

Just wanted to say "WOW", I'm blown away by the quality of my pistols and swords. I'm also very impressed with the quick delivery of my order. I will provide 5stars review anytime for your incredible staff. Thank-you and I will be ordering additional merchandise in near future. Thanks again - Bob Grace

Shopping with Replica Dungeon was very good and I am very pleased with the product. - David Hatch

You guys are by far the best sight for buying swords and things of the like. I really like your grading scale for sharpness usability and quality, no other site I've seen has that. You guys also have the lowest prices I have ever seen. Thank you for a job well done. - Michael David Littell

The item I purchased was perfect, thank you for the speedy shipment. - Shon Sullivan

Just thought to let you know that the fantasy shirt has arrived safely. Thanks for the EXCELLENT service. Have a super week. Thanks again, - Al Buis

I gotta say that this site is not only the coolest but you have some of the best fantasy swords on the Internet. Keep up the great job! - Josh

Great selection with competitive prices! Will buy from them again. - Ryan McAllister

Great ring, im replacing my lost wedding ring with this one and love it. - Brandon Estel

We wanted to thank you very much for your advice and suggestion of the Spartan Weapon. The stand gave us a choice of a plain side or an Oriental figure, as pictured. It is hanging over the archway to our dining room. We'll be ready when the Persians come!!! - Jerry & Joy Zaccheo

I have recieved items from your company and they have all exceded my expectations...thank you so much! - Jack Wareing

Awesome site with great products and fast shipping. I will buy from this vendor again. - Jennifer Jensen

Your site totally rocks and has the best selection of swords that I have ever seen! - Michael

Not only is your site the coolest site I have ever purchased from but it was also seamless from start to finish. Thanks so much for going the extra mile. - William

Thank you very much for your friendly assistance. - Jerry Zaccheo

Tell whoever the Dungeon Master is...thank you for shipping my fantasy sword so fast. It came just in time for Halloween. - Russell

My brother was very happy with the gift. Perhaps this is an understatement! He was thrilled. Thank you! - James Meara

A great site! I live close to here to its nice to buy something from someone thats not clear across the continent for once. I received my package in good time although UPS left my package at its facilities by accident so I had to wait an extra day. I was impressed my package came with accessories not mentioned in the description which is a good and a slightly bad thing - it would've been nice had they stated things would be included but I was happy they were. They were easy to order from - I had no hassles and they offer the shipment tracking service through their site. This merchant seems to be legitimate so far and I would like to continue being a shopper. You can never be too careful with people on the Internet - especially online merchants! I like that they have ties with Yahoo Shopping which makes me feel a little better about purchasing from them. When I buy online I'm primarily concerned with getting the same product I ordered in addition to a timely delivery and an acceptable price. This merchant fulfilled my requirements; therefore, I am happy! I plan on ordering products of this nature from this merchant again at least one or two more times ;-). I don't know how good the level of customer services for this merchant though so I'll assume a 4/5 given the experience I do have with this merchant. - Charlie Lackey

Excellent prices, excellent shipping and excellent customer service. - Julio Guerrero

I think that we are going to be best friends after a while. This is my 3rd e-mail to you about the 300 sword. I got the last e-mail about the certificate not being available. No worries there. My brothers 40th birthday party was last Sat and the sword was a hit!! He did not care that there was not a certificate with it after I told him who made it and all that good stuff. I am going to give him your site because it seems that he now wants to collect movie swords, etc. Well I must leave you now and I thank you for an excellent piece of work. I just can't wait for my scroll to come in and I'm sure that it will be just as awesome! A fully satisfied Customer - Renee

I got the Sword of Eragon in super perfect order. I want to tell you how happy I am with my order with Replica Dungeon. You do business very well...very "Professional" and you can be assured that if I have another Sword that interests me, I will definitely buy from you again. Thank you for the excellent work in delivering my sword and in perfect condition. Like we say here in Québec..."Merci beaucoup, Vous êtes mes Amis" - Yves Guay

Really good site! - John Friend

Thank you so much, you guys are awesome! - Javier Gomez-Grande

Concern regarding customer service is always an issue when ordering on-line. When the product I ordered was not available, I was upgraded free of charge to the closest available item. When I decided to wait until the item I originally ordered became available, Customer Service provided me with a no-hassel return. I would definitely recommend Replica Dungeon Inc as a site worthy of your business. - Andrea Mysel

I purchased a set of three samurai swords on a wooden stand, black with engraved dragon designs on sword scabbards. The quality of the swords is exceptional for the price, much better than I expected, and delivery was prompt. Shipping packaging was very good and the sword set arrived in excellent shape. I am quite pleased overall with the purchase. - Michael Meissner

It is rare that you find a business that is truly customer service oriented. I have never dealt with true professionals such as these. I had some bothersome requests which were met with kindness and efficiency. You can tell when someone loves what they do, and the Dungeon Master has found his niche. I will continue to buy from Replica Dungeon and only Replica Dungeon for all of our props. The swords are masterpieces, real collectors items that remind me of beautiful pieces jewelery. I do most of my shopping on the net, and it feels good to know that I am not going to get ripped off. Thank You again. - Laurie C.

The 300 sword kicks ass, thanks a lot for getting it to me relatively soon, I know the demand was probably ridiculous. - Derek Puhl

Outstanding service. Exactly what customer service is all about! Thank you! - Sergeant Major Maria Perez

I got my sword today, thank you. My boyfriend will be very happy. - Stephanie Hazen

Its great to know there is a site that actually stocks their items and keeps an up to date inventory. Very great service and I will buy from them again. - Connie Dowell

Simply one of the best places to get quality equipment from. I had a problem with shipping but no worries though, the Dungeon Master and I worked it out and it was a really good overall experience. - Kyle Wilhite

You guys are fantastic. I really appreciated the phone support given at the time I placed my order. - Jim Austin

Everything was just excellent! - Mark Meads

I cannot say anything but excellent! - David Sullivan

Ive got to say I was very please with the overall experience with this merchant and was very happy with the delivery time. I bought a sword as a gift for someone that was blown away by the quality of the piece. In fact he loved it. I would definitley go back for any other purchases of that sort to Replica Dungeon. Prices were comparable to others that offered the same items and most times better. And trust me I did comparisons. I would very much so recommend this company to people who are in the market for their merchandise. - Lisa Crabtree

Needed it quick. It was fast and accurate. Great experience. - Mike Mills

Excellent service and very good prices! - Chris Burner

I like the prices and the various sales/ads, thats neat for an online site. Purchasing and Shipping options were all normal affairs, nothing speical, nothing bad about them. - Seth Auldridge

Dear Staff of Replica Dungeon, I just wanted to say thank you for your buisness. I got my order (the Dragon Templar Sword) ontime and you can rest assured that I will be refering anybody else I know who collects swords and armour your way. I look forward to future dealings with you. - James Owens

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful customer service. The Kilgorin sword arrived today and looks absolutely fantastic! I truly appreciate all of your help in getting it sent so speedily and will definitely spread the word about your great site. - Amy Kelly

Great products and the prices are great too. I've been looking for these blades for my collection. Thanks to you my Blades of Atlantis Collection is now complete. - Joseph M. Henning

Awesome site guys. Perfectly designed and functions flawlessly. You definitely put all other sword sites to shame and found a new home in my bookmarks. - Cody

I purchased a cape from the 300 movie and never tried it on. Three months later I finally decide to try it on and it did not fit. Even though it was way past the refund date, they still exchanged the cape for me. Very good experience. - Lucas

I love your contest to win a free sword, even though I never was the winner so far! My friends and I would like to see a "free leather sword belt" contest. Also, I would like to express how much I love your site. It's beautiful! The colors and everything even don't look cheap, unlike many sword shops on the Web! Thanks for a wonderful store with great swords, etc. - Katsura

With a small hiccup in our order we were called immediately and given several our satisfaction I give all stars to Replica Dungeon. The Quality was There just like website boasted. You made my son's birthday. - Terry Stone

I bought Anduril for a friend, who like myself has been a long time fan of LOTR. The sword arrived on time and I was told by his wife, "He just stared at it for about 10 minutes before he removed it from its package." The beauty of the sword was well received. Thank you for your quality merchandise. - Ken

Fantastic, I will be telling the story of how I DIDN'T get screwed by a company for a change. You stand by your services and I will make sure that I inform everyone interested in your line of products, that your are the company to choose for their purchases. - M.B.

Thank you very much for your time and professionalism! - Matthew

Thank you for the professional customer service. - Chad G.

Wow that is the fastest customer service reply i have ever seen . - Justin

Thank you very much, I appreciate everything you have done and will continue to recommend your company to every potential customer I know. - marc

Thank you for your speedy reply, I hope to do more business with you in the future. This will be the second item I bought with your company and I am well pleased. - T.D.

Thank you, so much. You guys have been great working with me. - Daniel

Thanks so much! I'll be shopping replica dungeon again! - Meg

Thanks for the quick response. It was my pleasure to deal with your company and I will recommend you to others. Sure we will have future business as I continue to grow my collection. - R.O.

SO excited to win this. - jamie

Thank You very much . He said it has arrived and that he loves it. - Rebecca

Thank you for the speedy response on this, by far some of the best customer service I've had! - Doc

Thanks again for the outstanding level of customer service. - Mark S.

Did not use customer service but their website worked beautifully and the item arrived well packed and fast thank you. - Anonymous

Thanks again and I love the site. We're buying our replica weapons from your site, we appreciate all the hard work Replica Dungeon does! - M.D.B.

Thanks for your help, fantastic site!!! - Aaron R.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for the fast service. - Jessica M.

Thank you guys so much for being so on top of your customer support. Leah

Thank You. Definitely appreciate you working with me on this. The pistols will finally complete my kit. Richard G.

I love the product. Thank you, as well as your customer service team to help me with my problem. Lindsay V.

Thank You for making this process easy for me. I will order more items from Your great inventory. Sergio

Just wanted to say thank you again and that you have gained a loyal customer. Chris O.

This is my second purchase from these guys. Price was very reasonable and the product was 100% as described! About time there's a company out there that's not just into selling product but understands what the customer wants and cares about the customers needs. Thanks Guys!! Keith Coote

You have been very prompt in your reply and adjusting my order. Thank you - Rita

Thank you so much for all your quick responses. We will order from you again. - Bonnie S.

I've been using this company since 2010. We have purchased over 20 LARP weapons in the past 5 years, and a couple metal ones. I teach a history simulation which has included learning how to sword fight like the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The students absolutely LOVE this part of the class - both guys and girls. Our weapons have held up to countless hours of fighting amongst primarily boys who range in age from 8 years old to 18 years old. Some weapons wear out eventually, by splitting, and if we decide they are no longer safe (duct taped blades hurt, whereas latex doesn't) we retire them. The service of this company is outstanding! And their product is too! No one else has this quality for any better price. I'm a fussy shopper - and this company gets my highest rating. - Kimberly F.

Be assured I will take you up on that as a returning customer. I regularly write and direct western vignettes and plays/movies and (that last purchase aside) your website is the best I've come across. I've already passed your website information along to my collegues. Again, thank you for all your help and quick responses. - Sincerely,Nathan

I have purchased quite a few items from Replica Dungeon in the past few months. I have had a great experience with the company from the phone order representatives all the way thru the system to shipping and receiving items in a very timely manner. I can not say enough about Replica Dungeon as a on line company, excellent all the way. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rate them. Thank you Dungeon Master. - Walter Grant

Thank you very much for working with me on this. - MAJ Dustin

Just received my sword Sting, a wonderful and beautiful piece, Thankyou replica dungeon, give this site thumbs up! - Donald C. V.

Thank you again for going out of the way to help me out like that, I'm very appreciative! - Ian

Unfortunately left a bad comment before contacting replica dungeon. Which they replied very quickly and handled the situation very professionally in a timely manner. This surprised me so I will be leaving a better rating in hopes to do business in the future. Replica dungeon really appreciate each and every one of their customers. Thank you ! - Yasmin

Thank you for taking your time for me by the way! I can see that your customer service is good! - Alexandre B.

She just picked it up and I just wanted to thank you guys for making such an incredible gift for my sister! This was for her bday but got there a few days early and she is so happy with it... This is the second sword I've ordered from you guys and I'm pretty sure you're my go to for them now lol. Thanks again! - Michelle C.

Beautiful!!! I'm surprised I get to even keep this one! Thanks for everything you've done, getting the defective sword was a shame, but your customer support has been amazing I'll for sure be ordering more in the future :) Thanks again! - Chris M.

Thank you for the personalized customer service experience. Can't wait to see the products. Thanks - Shad

Thank you very much for the information and quick response. Much appreciated, - Joseph

I want to thank you for the services provided with my purchase of a sword with you. It is reassuring to know a company cares about the delivery of an item purchased, and the customer’s satisfaction. I was able to contact UPS for a delayed delivery and I received it on July 22. My husband was very pleased. I will surely recommend your site and your customer service. Thank you very much. Best regards, - Fabienne

Thank you for your time and for keeping me well informed. I will definitely be returning to replica dungeon for its services in the near future. - Tayler

I received my items today(which didn't think I would see until next week).your co. really impressed me with your service and quality of your merchandice. they were every thing I thought they would be. I hope to do more business with your co, in the future.thanks a lot - mike esco


I just want to thank you for the extreme lengths you went to to solve the problem with the manufacturer. Needless to say you have made one customer very satisfied and most appreciative. My grandson was delighted and a very envious brother became the recipient of the sword with the missing gold on the quatrefoil. Two very happy young men. Again it was a pleasure doing business with you, the situation could have become a internet purchase nightmare. The way you dealt with it made all the difference. - Jean G.

Thank you soooo much!!!! I've been saving so long to get this sword for him and I know he will love it! You guys are amazing! - Emma

Replica Dungeon is an amazing store. Their customer service online is quick and responsive. I had asked them about a replica I had purchased, The Altair Sword. I'm excited to use it during my next cosplay AKA... My sisters baby shower (it's super hero themed so what can I do? 󾌲). They have a wide selection of fantasy, anime, and period weaponry. If you need a blade, they are the ones to go to! Tell em, Jude sent you. Thanks again, Replica Dungeon! Keep being awesome! - Jude Santos

I just wanted to thank you for not dropping the ball on this order. It was a birthday present for my son and he loves it and said it was well worth the wait! - Donna P.

I appreciate your high quality customer service. - Shawn

Thank you so much for all of the help. Absolutely outstanding customer service! - Brendon S.

my first time i have ordered from this place and i was very happy with my item.thank you very much i will be ordering more from you. - David H.

I am glad you notified me as the deliverer did not leave a delivery notice tag. I have the package in my possession now. Thank you very kindly for your concern and prompt communication. It has been excellent dealing with you! Thanks again - Adam

Thank you so much! Honestly best customer service i have ever received from a place. You all are amazing and thank you for all your hard work :) - Mark A.

Thanks for all your help, without physically owning the product yet the customer service here is great and a very well laid out site. - Keith

Awesome! Thank you so much. I didn't expect a refund of any type so that's a bonus. He is uber excited. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts but I dropped the ball. I truly appreciate your quick response. Again, thank you so much. - Tina

Thank you guys so much for the quick update! Y'all have fantastic customer service - Beau M.

In a lack of communication with my son, I placed 3 separate orders for the swords he wanted. I contacted customer service via email. Within minutes, they consolidated my orders and I received an unexpected discount. I'd rate customer service a "10" if it was an option. Thank you and you made one young man very happy. - Christina W

All I can say is WOW Beautiful Sword, a real quality piece. My grandson is going to love it. Thanks so much - Louise

The replacement fits perfectly - thanks for making this such an easy process! Can't say that about a lot of other companies. - Heather W.

Thank you! I received my order and the sword is perfect. A great addition to my pirate outfit. - Alan Coffman

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