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Colt .45 Government Model 1911

Colt .45 Government Model 1911

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If you're looking for the closet possible match to the real thing, this blank firing version of the Colt .45 M1911 is it! This replica handgun has the exact same quality, look, feel, and action of the famous original. The Colt .45 is one of the most famous handguns in history, carried by more US troops in battle than any other gun. This licensed blank firearm exhibits flawless craftsmanship and realism. Manufactured by Umarex.

Fires 9MM PAK blanks
Capacity is 8 shots
Black finish
8.7" long

**California and Kansas Residents**: To comply with state law, residents purchasing blank-firing replica firearms must also order a frame or presentation box with each weapon. Select "Yes" to the "CA/KS Resident?" option above to include our discounted $10 pine display frame unless you are ordering a box or frame separately from our website (same order).

New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico Residents: Post 1898 replica firearms cannot be shipped to these locations (NY and PR allows only theatrical organizations, government, or police to receive modern-era replicas, with verifiable authorization).

Canada: Blank-firing replicas CANNOT be shipped to Canada under any circumstances.

Replica Dungeon and the manufacturer disclaims any and all responsibility for the improper or unsafe use of any blank-firing replica firearm.

Blank firing guns do not come with ammo; don't forget to order!

This replica firearm is BLANK-FIRING and cannot be made to fire real ammunition. You must 18 years of age or older to purchase and 21 years old to sign for the delivery. All of our blank firing replicas come with basic eye and hearing protection. Please refer to the blank gun safety guidelines included in package prior to use. For more information, be sure to read our Blank Firing Gun Safety Warning.

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Colt .45 Government Model 1911