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LARP Archery

The art of archery has been around since the Middle Paleolithic times. In able to advance from traditional spear throwing as a means of hunting and as a battle technique, the early peoples took to using the bow and arrow and found it to be a far superior and effective means for hunting and defense. Archery became so widespread that it was often mentioned in tales of mythology. As time progressed, these primitive weapons advanced and became both more useful and visually appealing.

In the world of Live Action Role Playing, a game is only as successful as your survival rate, thatís why we are happy to remind you about our great line of LARP archery products.

Squire's LARP Bow - Small
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $113.00
Squire's LARP Bow Medium
List Price: $189.99
Our Price: $129.99
LARP Horsebow
List Price: $189.99
Our Price: $152.00
LARP Black Battle Bow - Small
List Price: $139.99
Our Price: $89.99
LARP Black Battle Bow - Medium
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $97.99
Wooden LARP Youth Longbow
List Price: $189.99
Our Price: $139.99
LARP Pirate Crossbow
List Price: $269.99
Our Price: $197.99
LARP Crossbow Bolt
List Price: $29.00
Our Price: $16.00
LARP Arrow
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $29.99
Rangers Leather Quiver
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $69.99

It is our mission to provide durable LARP Archery products from Epic Armoury. We carry top of the line products including youth bows and bow and arrows that would make great props for theatrical productions. If you are looking to add a quality archery product to your arsenal of LARP Weapons, these bows are highly recommended.

We are also especially pleased to carry an assortment of movie prop replica bows, our favorite being the Short Bow of Legolas, seen in The Hobbit productions.

All of our archery items are made of the highest quality material and our LARP line of bows are great for adventure seekers and youth bow hunters to enjoy whenever they are needing to experience a sense of historic weaponry. With a wide variety of weapons to choose from you wont be disappointed on your next adventure.

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LARP Archery